Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hi everyone, take a look at my latest project.
I've been wanting a sign for my garden for some time now.
It's so hard to fine just the right one...
so I decided to do it myself.

When it comes to being "artistic", this girl is challenged.
I was inspired by many of my fellow bloggers
so I gave it a go.

Two weeks ago when I was out at the local "Salvation Army" store
I found an old baby bed with some of its parts missing.
I snatched it up and took it home to demolish.
At the time I wasn't thinking about my sign, I just knew I could do
something with those dowels.

I 'm thinking gardening stakes.

For fifteen dollars, I felt there was room to experiment.

Like I said before, I'm not very good with drawing or painting
graphics so I needed to get creative.

First step I did was paint the whole thing in a bright blue color
we had on hand. I have painted a bird house with this color
and it seems to weather very well.

(The pot is another project I'm working on).

Catbird Garden is the name I have given my garden.
I used some four inch stencil letters from "Walmart" for the name
and a small bird stencil my sister had received as a thank you
for ordering a kitchen wall stencil from Etsy.

After securing the letters with tape on the back side,
I gave the whole thing a dusting of white spray paint.

The base is made from an old table leg I found deteriorating
in our back ally. I gave it the same dusting with white paint,
nailed and glued it together
and there you have it.
A personalized sign.


  1. I think you are most creative! Your sign is an of a kind.....and no one can have one exactly like yours! I am impressed!

  2. This is great! and I love the color!

  3. Love your handmade sign! You were very clever to use parts of the baby bed for your sign. I linked a post about making a handmade sign for my garden on BNOTP. Look for the one that says "Herbs."

  4. Your sign is just adorable and very crafty, I might add.

  5. Wow your sign is so much prettier and cuter than mine. I like the dusty idea, you really inspired me and i'm going to make more for my garden. I hope your idea is not copyrighted, LOL. Happy tuesday :)

  6. I love it! It's too cute and you did a fantastic job making it! I love the name you gave your garden too! I've called the kids catbirds before.


  7. Your sign turned out just lovely and what a great way to repurpose the old crib. I'm visiting from Fishtail Cottage.


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