Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farewell To Spring

It seems that Spring is on her way out and Summer is at the door. This year the iris were breathtaking. Oh, and the colors, pinks, yellows, blues,whites,purples and so many more. I’m sad to say the pretty girls are past their prime and ready to be divided and transplanted in a few weeks. The only problem with this is finding space for another show. The ladies need space to look their best and this gardener is running out of it fast. My next door neighbor and friend, Anna and I share a large bed down the middle of our back yards. It’s almost like it’s one big continuous garden, which is great for me, because Anna has years of experience and a mature garden that has color throughout the seasons. As soon as one thing dies back, something else is exploding to take its place.

Every Spring right after the daffodils start to falter there is this explosion of dramatic orange poppies that come alive. They have a very short life, but what a wonderful display! When the poppies say goodby, then we start to see our first irises. I was noticing this week that the coneflowers are starting to bloom and in a few more weeks it will be their time to shine.
Happy gardening everyone!

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