Sunday, August 1, 2010

Love Those Clematis!!!

I believe Clematis is one of the loveliest plants you can have in your garden. Everyone needs a climber or two, and what better than a showy Clematis. Right now I have four in my garden. This purple one climbs a tall trellis in the front yard. I’m not sure what the name of this jewel is. I purchased it a Lowes some years ago and have misplaced the tag. It could be called Romoma, but then maybe not. All I do know is, I love it, and there is practically no maintenance at all. I ‘ve never had to prune it, I just feed it every Spring and give it a drink when it is extra dry.
In my backyard I also have a Pink Champagne and a Carnaby, both I purchased for about five bucks each. They both have beautiful blooms but haven’t grown quite as large. The Pink Champagne I have planted in a pot, I never take it in during Winter and it does just fine.
Another one of my favorites is Candida, with large white flowers. I have it growing on my garden shed with large hostas growing in front, love it!

I just remembered I actually have one more, it’s just not blooming yet. It’s called Autumn Clematis. It was here when we bought the house and what a gift. It’s grows in some of our trees, you don’t really see it, until about mid August then there is a burst of tiny white flowers everywhere. And ohhhhhh, the scent…heavenly!!!
So, my advise is, run don’t walk to your nearest garden shop and invest in a clematis. I promise, you’ll LOVE IT too. Happy gardening.

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