Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Share and Share Alike

Gardeners are such nice people, they love to share. I was taking a look at my garden the other day and I was amazed at how many plants have come from fellow gardeners. A good friend of my sister's and a new friend of mine has given me some beautiful flowers, one of my favorites is this Blackberry Lily. Why it's called a blackberry lily, I don't know, it's a wonderful shade of salmon.

Elizabeth must love the color salmon, she has also shared these Strawberry Candy Lillies with me.

She has given me a cutting of Sweet Spire which starts out green, but turns a lovely red in the Fall. I'm thinking I will need to transplant it into a larger space eventually, I planted it near the house thinking the red would be a great contrast against the white wall in the Fall.

Yes, thanks to all my generous friends, you have played a big part of making my garden what it is. Thanks for the hostas, May Apple, Primrose, cone-flowers, ferns, iris phlox, astors, dahlias, just to name a few.
Happy gardening, and remember when you divide...SHARE!
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