Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

It's Monday morning and it's raining and I'm not down a bit. I saw on the forecast that rain could be in our area all week. All I can say is Thank God! I don't know about where you are, but it has been so dry here for the past few weeks that when I woke up this morning to the sound of rain, I had to smile. Last week when my gardening group met, we had a demonstration on how to make your own rain barrel.

Don Johnson, one of my neighbors and member
of the group demonstrated how easy it is to make
your own barrel with just a few tools.
Electric jigsaw, electric drill, drill bits, and a marker. The Internet has plenty of sites giving step by step instructions.
He made it look so easy, even I could do it. I had put a bug in Don's ear to let him know I wouldn't cry if he left his finished product behind for me to test drive. Lucky for me he did, and only charged me for the cost of the garbage can and plumbing supplies. What a deal at thirty-five dollars. I have yet to install it, there is a little matter of cutting the drain pipe to allow the rain to pour in, that I believe, is a job for a professional. I'm a little nervous about cutting on my house. I've got a plan in place, don't want too much time to get away...after all it is raining!

Something I learned during the course of the evening (this tells you what an inexperienced gardener I really am) that your plants do much better drinking rain water rather than city water. It's all about what is in the water and what is not.
When gardeners get together, you'll always come away with something.

Happy gardening to all.
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  1. Hi again, just read about your rain barrel. My gardening group made rain barrels back in the spring; I was amazed at their simplicity and want MORE! I did NOT cut my guttering, though. I just disconnected the downspout at the top where it attaches to the gutter and placed a flexible extension that I bought at Home Depot (less than $10) onto it and it works perfectly.
    Happy gardening!


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