Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Travels To Greece

This Summer my sister Susan, my niece Kate, and I took a fabulous vacation to Greece. We were celebrating Kate's recent graduation from The University of Tennessee.

We started out in Athens where we had two days of sightseeing and shopping.

On the third day we boarded a ferry and sailed to Mykonos.

The Hotel Petinos Beach became our home for the next three nights. We were delighted with everything about the Petinos, lovely rooms, great view, excellent service. After breakfast we would walk down to the beach and spend the morning. We napped in the afternoon, then explored the town of Mykonos in the evenings.

The food and atmosphere was great everywhere we went. I don't think we had a bad meal during the whole trip.

There was a photo op anywhere you turned, the white washed buildings, the pink and purple bougainvillea, and of course the sea.

We saw the famous windmills that Mykonos is known for and were told by our guide that this was the location for the last scene in the movie, "Borne Identity".

Late May, early June was our travel time, which we found to be perfect. It was not yet peak for the islands and much cooler and less congested for our visit.

We left Mykonos and traveled to our second island, Santorini where we stayed at the El Greco Hotel in Firo. This hotel was nice, but not as inviting as the Petinos in Mykonos.

One of the day trips we took while in Santrini was to the town of Oia. This was one of my favorite places. Oh, to be able to rent a house here and stay for a month or two.

We wandered around Oia, stopping in open doorways of shops and galleries.

We had a lovely lunch over looking the Aegean Sea.

Saw this really sweet restaurant called " The Red Bicycle", and wished we could eat again.

Back in Firo we had the option of riding the mules down to the bottom of the cliffs. Just snapping a picture was enough for us.

It was a wonderful, relaxing trip and would recommend it to all our friends. Can't wait to go again!

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