Wednesday, August 4, 2010

John's BIG Little Garden

My garden group met last week and one of the things we did was to visit one of our member's garden. When we arrived, we had one question on our lips. "What makes your garden grow so BIG?" John just smiles, shakes his head and says, "I don't know". Well I'm not buying it, I know there has to be some magic happening here.

When you look around you start to see what truly makes this garden magical. The plants are all so interesting and unusual, it may be their color, texture, or growing pattern, but there is movement and design in every direction.

He has so many things tucked here and there, everywhere you look...

Plants and Props he has collected over the years

Unusual Plants Everywhere!

Johns loves whimsical and it shows. The porch, as well as the garden is full of garden art
that keeps you smiling.
When asked where in the world did you find it all, his reply two words...

Brilliant color and whimsical artwork

Happy gardening to all.
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