Monday, August 16, 2010


I never really thought of myself as a PINK person, but once I got into gardening, it just kind of evolved. I'm talking about my Summer garden, my Spring has a completely different color pallet.

I think one of the reasons I've acquired so many pink plants, is the introduction to all the lovely flowers that show up every Spring and Summer that aid the Breast Cancer.

A second reason so much PINK is in my life is of course due to the fact that I'm a Victoria's Secret girl, after all one of their most successful brands is PINK

These are a few of the pink roses that are in my neighbor's and my adjoining bed. I have to confess they were not planted by me but I tend them and enjoy them now that Anna is unable to.

Someone ask me once what was the name of this beautiful pink Iris, unfortunately I do not know.

Shades of PINK from my Cheddar pinks.

Razzmatazz, a PINK cone flower from the Breast Cancer selections

Our beautiful, late blooming Crepe Myrtle

Happy gardening to all.


  1. Oh, that delicate pink iris is just beautiful! I'm not normally into pink, but love it in the garden amongst the other colors.

  2. I'm not a "pink" person either, but find I love it as a little accent.


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